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The Partyology Firm has an experienced staff of CBAs (Certified Balloon Artists). They will guarantee your balloon displays or centerpieces will always be beautiful & unique.

What kinds of balloon art can the Partyology Firm make for my event?

  • Balloon centerpieces -fabulous balloon centerpieces that match your theme/color scheme
  • Balloon walls -great for selfies & group photos
  • Balloon ceilings -great to make your party space feel more dramatic and beautiful
  • Balloon drops -great way to end your event with a bang! Perfect for weddings, holiday parties, birthdays, etc.
  • Balloon arches -an awesome entrance piece to make your party feel GRAND!
  • Balloon characters -created by balloon artists/twisters (let us know what you want!)
  • Organic balloon displays -balloons of different sizes in varieties of colors

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The Partyology Firm likes to make things simple for you.   We have Creative, FUN, & Awesome balloon designs! 

If you would like to Order custom balloons local or nationwide click here!

Here is how to order on our website:

Step 1:   First take a look at our collection of balloon designs (listed below)!
Step 2:   Pick your favorite design and fill out the contact form to place your order!


*We highly recommend you place your order at least 3 days prior to the event or the earlier the better!

*Delivery Days: Tuesday-Saturday or upon availability. We can try to accommodate next day delivery.

*FYI- We can not guarantee the durability of our balloons when placed outside, due to weather conditions, humidity or temperature.

 FUN Display #1

$125 Balloon Party Banner
  • 16 Letters (up to 5 digits)
  • 2 Topiarias or Mylar Balloon
  • $5 per additional letter


FUN Display #2

Popeyes column$150 Balloon Column
  • 6' Column + Topper
  • Topper can be star shape, birthday Balloon, Character or Letter/Number)

Fun Display #3

Gold curtain with garland

Balloon Garland with curtain backdrop Starting at $595 
(plus delivery and set up)
  • Balloon Garland w / Curtains 

Fun Display #4

Wall backdrops

flower wall no garland

Get pricing quote

  • Shimmer wall
  • Flower wall 
  • Balloon wall
  • Prices vary and do not include set up and delivery

FUN Display #5

21 Champagne celebration piece

Balloon Celebration Marquee-$125 
  • Celebration Marquee, includes 2 digit number 
  • Additional - add name ($5 per letter)
  • Customization is available for any occasion

FUN Display #6

Balloon Framed Circle $395
 plus delivery/set up
  • Organic Circle for any occasion

FUN Display #7

Arch $350
  • Regular 20ft long Arch
  • (9'x9' final design)
  • Pick as many colors as you want.
  • Larger arches are available - request pricing 

 FUN Display #8

Organic Garland
  • This display is held on a pole which helps secure the balloons and is recommended for outdoor parties
  • Regular Organic Garland $25 - $30 / foot
  • Specialty balloons may be extra
  • You can pick as many colors as you want

FUN Display #9

Marquee Letters and Garland 
  • Light-Up Personalized Sign and organic balloons
  • Pricing will vary - call us for quote

FUN Display #10

Mirror with Garland $225

Fun Display #11

Balloon drops are our specialty! They are not just for NYE! We can create a balloon drop for any occasion. An average size ballloon drop is 100 balloons but can be made bigger or smaller for home use ($1.75 per balloon plus rigging fee which may vary based on area of installation).

Value items 

value pieceThis is the Partyology Signature Piece that can be customized to your colors and occasion. $45
(This decor only has a 12 hour life so it is only for same day use) 

clusters on a fence

These clusters are great anywhere you want to add a little color. Perfect for balconies, fences, tent poles or indoors on your banister.  They look great with their ribbons blowing in the breeze! 
$25 per cluster

Our third value piece is $75 is larger and more elaborate than our signature piece and is also customizable to your occasion.


Looking for a particular design?  See our gallery above for more designs/ideas or send us pictures or ideas of what you want! All pieces can be customized for your occasion!

Get a quote today by completing the form below.

 Get balloon deliveries sent local or nationwide!

Let us know your balloon vision and we'll make it happen!

Interested in placing a balloon order? Fill out the form below!

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